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Both ends of the fiber optic adapter can be inserted into fiber optic connectors of different interface types to realize the conversion between different interfaces such as FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO, E2000, etc. Huihongfiber adapters are widely used in optical distribution frames (ODF), optical fiber communication equipment, Instruments, etc., with superior performance, stable and reliable. The optical fibers are connected by adapters through their internal open sleeves to ensure the highest connection performance between optical fiber connectors. In order to fix on various panels, a variety of fine fixing flanges are also designed. The hybrid fiber optic adapter can be connected to fiber optic connectors of different interface types. Duplex or quad adapters can increase the installation density and save space.

Optical fiber connector is a device for detachable (movable) connection between optical fiber and optical fiber. It precisely butts the two end faces of optical fiber so that the optical energy output by the transmitting optical fiber can be coupled to the receiving optical fiber to the maximum extent. And to minimize the impact on the system due to its intervention in the optical link, this is the basic requirement of the fiber optic connector. To a certain extent, fiber optic connectors also affect the reliability and performance of optical transmission systems.

Optical fiber connectors can be divided into optical fiber single-mode and multi-mode connectors according to different transmission media, and other optical fiber connectors such as plastics as transmission media; according to the structure of the connector, it can be divided into: FC , SC, ST, LC, D4, DIN, MU, MT, etc. in various forms. Among them, ST connectors are usually used at the wiring equipment end, such as optical fiber distribution frames, optical fiber modules, etc.; while SC and MT connectors are usually used at the network equipment end. According to the shape of the fiber end face, there are FC, PC (including SPC or UPC) and APC; according to the number of fiber cores, there are single-core and multi-core (such as MT-RJ). Fiber optic connectors are widely used and come in many varieties. In practical applications, they are generally distinguished according to the different structures of fiber optic connectors. The following are some of the more common fiber optic connectors:

LC fiber optic adapter: This kind of fiber optic adapter can be used for the connection of LC fiber optic jumpers or LC connectors. It has various types such as LC-LC, LC-FC, LC-SC, LC-ST and LC-MU.

FC fiber optic adapter: This kind of fiber optic adapter can be used to connect FC fiber optic patch cords or FC connectors, there are different types such as square, single-mode and multi-mode, but these different types of FC fiber optic adapters all have metal shells and ceramic sleeves.

SC fiber optic adapter: It can be used to connect SC fiber optic patch cords or SC connectors, and there are many types, such as standard female-female SC adapters and hybrid SC adapters. Most SC fiber optic adapters come with ceramic ferrules, while the fiber type of SC fiber optic adapters with bronze ferrules is usually multimode.

Bare Fiber Adapter: A bare fiber adapter is a special fiber optic adapter that can be used to connect a bare fiber cable to an optical device, this type of adapter allows the cable to be installed into the connection slot, whether it is plugged into a mating or plugged into an electronic device .

The alignment sleeve is the most important part of the fiber optic adapter. Some manufacturers choose metal as the material of the alignment sleeve, but it has been proved that the optical fiber adapter made of ceramics by huihongfiber is far better than using metal as the alignment sleeve This is because the crystal structure of ceramics is very hard and will not deform over time like metal materials, so it can achieve fast alignment and high-precision fiber optic end-face connections.

Huihongfiber is professional manufacturer of a wide range of mating sleeves fiber adapters and hybrid fiber optic adapters.

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Fiber optic adapters are components used for fiber-to-fiber or fiber-to-equipment connections, they are widely used in telecommunications networks, cable TV networks, subscriber loop systems, and fiber link connections in regional networks. There are many types of fiber optic adapters, which can be divided into MU fiber optic adapters, E-2000 fiber optic adapters, LC fiber optic adapters, FC fiber optic adapters, SC fiber optic adapters, etc. according to the connector type; can be divided into simplex fiber optic adapters and duplex fiber optic The number of fiber optics can be divided into single-core(simplex), double-core(duplex), 4-core (quad) and 8-core fiber optic adapters. Huihongfiber also makes hybrid fiber optic adapters and mating sleeves fiber optic adapters.